Foot Orthotics

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When you look at the overall human structure it is easy to see that the your feet are the foundation of your body. As in any structure, if the foundation is not stable then it may create problems in whatever is built upon it.  It is estimated that eventually 92% of all people will have flat feet known as "pronation" and this can cause problems elsewhere in the body. Consequently, in Chiropractic we find that the source of a person's knee, low back, neck or even shoulder problem might be located in the feet. Therefore, it is important to carefully evaluate the feet when assessing a person.

At Ridge Chiropractic we are proud to have the state of the art technology for evaluating feet. This device has the ability to scan the foot and create a 3 dimensional image. Based on this scan, it can then demonstrate how any distortions in your feet might be creating problems in other parts of the body.

If is determined that orthotics are needed, we can then digitally transmit this scan to a lab where the orthotics will be custom built for you.

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